I need to uninstall My Clean Pc registry cleaner, and it will not uninstall.?

I have gone to programs/uninstall, clicked on the max my speed, and it will not uninstall period, point blank.

3 Responses to I need to uninstall My Clean Pc

  • juston says:

    it may be running in the background. open task manager and stop/end any program running that you think might be associated with My. Then try to uninstall again. Also after you do the uninstall it may still show in the list of programs until that list is refreshed. And even then it may not delete until you reboot your computer.

    ps one other option if My is a reliable program it should have an uninstall option in it’s menu or preference settings. try that.

    Maggie is confused, deleting the icon will not uninstall the program it will only remove the desk top icon.

  • 998tin says:

    If you see the My Clean Pc icon on your desktop, then right click on your mouse and it will say a few things, but, it should say “delete” somewhere. Click on “Delete” and it should disappear. (:

  • htsontue says:

    Delete its setup after uninstall and always use better system utilities such as reginout etc